Upgrade – ALCAD 2024 Professional 2D/3D CAD


Upgrade to ALCAD 2024 Professional 2D/3D only CAD. Permanent License. An upgrade is only possible if you own an old licence like ALCAD 2021, ALCAD 2022 or ALCAD 2023. This upgrade is NOT valid for the MEP/HVAC solution. After the purchase, the existing old licence will be frozen and you will receive a new licence. ALCAD is the best AutoCAD Alternative. Same interface and functions as AutoCAD. This product only includes the CAD. Compare-Table ALCAD with AutoCAD here: Compare ALCAD | ALCAD (alcads.com) ALCAD – the fully compatible DWG-CAD CAD Interface and functions same as AutoCAD.
  • .DWG 2024 Support
  • Geolocation MAP-Import
  • PDF to DWG Import
  • LAYER-Manager
  • XREF-Manager
  • 3D Architecture
  • Full 2D & 3D Tools
  • Raster image support
  • BIM attach (rvt & rfa)
  • New Dynamic input
  • Geographic Map Location and Image
  • Add digital signatures
  • Sketch modes & Selection Grips
  • 2D and 3D PDF Export
  • New visual Styles & Materials
  • Realistic rendering
  • Advanced rendering add-on
  • Microsoft VBA 7.1 & .NET API
  • etransmit support
  • Text explode and gradient hatch
  • 64-Bit architecture
  • Multi-core support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Flexible self-service license transfer. No limits on transfers.
  • (*) For 2D/3D MEP choose ALCAD Professional 2D/3D with all MEP Plugins