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About Alcads

Through the BricsCAD Appstore I came to the ALCADS plugins and Im very happy to have discovered them. I can now offer my sewer planning in much better quality. Because everything can be exported in an Excel list, I could immediately place the order. Very practical and easy to use.

Once you have understood a plugin, the rest are much more understandable. I notice in the plugins that a clear structure, a simple procedure behind it. I personally work with the ventilation applications. It helps me to place the ducts and pipes on floor plan in a very easy way. I’m curious about the 3D apps !!

In addition to the great plugins, ALCADS has a very helpful support! Arnold from the support team was always able to reply to me within 12 hours and send me great videos on how to solve the case. (I have to say that I’m not the best at computer skills.) But the support team always helps me no matter what it is.

In the meantime I have 5 Alcads plugins and can not imagine working without them. You just have to know how the plugins work and you’re much faster!

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