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Video Tutorials

Shortkeys in Applications  

 Function Shortkey Comment
 Start rotation mode "r"
If I have an ALCADS object on the cursor, I can rotate it before inserting it.

 Tapping the angle

"r" + "q" First start the rotation mode (r) and then you can pick up an angle with "w". Click on a line with this angle.

 Change touch point

"b" Change the grab point of an object you have on the cursor.

 Enter grab point distance

 "SHIFT" Press this button to select a wall distance of the object. Then just select the desired side of the distance. 

 Rotate stepwise to left/right/up/down


Use the arrow key on the keyboard to rotate in the desired direction.

 Angle catch deactivate, free catch

 "CTRL" + "w" With this shortcut I can set the angle free, and freely set my reference line.

 Grid on / off

  "CTRL" + "r" This command is needed for Floor Heating Pipes. Herewith I switch the grid catch on / off.