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ALCAD Professional 2D/3D with all 2D MEP Plugins

ALCAD Professional 2D/3D with all 2D MEP Plugins


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2D HVAC Plugins:

All plugins included in this bundle:

  • 2D Ventilation (Ventilation Plugin) – Construct ventilation ducts, pipes, fittings and much more
  • 2D Floor Heating (Heating Plugin) – Construct underfloor heating pipes and distributors
  • 2D Multi-Pipes (General Plugin) – Create multipipes with wall distance, angle tap, height and much more
  • 2D Drain Pipes (Sanitary Plugin) – Construct dirty water and rainwater pipes
  • 2D Flex Pipes (Sanitary Plugin) – Create flex pipes with wall distance, angle tap, distributor, apparatus and much more
  • 2D Comfosystem (Ventilation Plugin) – Construct ventilation flex pipes and components
  • 2D Gas Calculation (Sanitary Plugin) – Create and calculate isometric gas pipelines
  • 2D Openings (General Plugin) – Create architecture openings like wall opening, ceiling boreholes, floor slots and more
  • 2D Text (General Plugin) – Create texts with templates
  • Block Manager


ALCAD – the fully compatible DWG-CAD has ALCADs 2D HVAC Plugins + 1’000 Symbols included. ALCAD with 2D HVAC is only available as annual licence. This price includes support and updates.
  • ALCADs 2D HVAC Plugins
  • 1’000 Symbols
  • PDF to DWG Import
  • .DWG 2024 Support
  • Full 2D & 3D Tools (*)
  • Raster image support
  • BIM attach (rvt & rfa)
  • New Dynamic input
  • Geographic Map Location and Image
  • Add digital signatures
  • Sketch modes & Selection Grips
  • 2D and 3D PDF Export
  • New visual Styles & Materials
  • Realistic rendering
  • Advanced rendering add-on
  • Microsoft VBA 7.1 & .NET API
  • etransmit support
  • Text explode and gradient hatch
  • 64-Bit architecture
  • Multi-core support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Flexible self-service license transfer. No limits on transfers.
  • (*) For 3D HVAC/Plant Plugins, 3D solids, STEP Import/Export, IFC & Architecture 3D select ALCAD with 2D & 3D MEP


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